There & Back Again: A Hobo’s Tale

An exhibition is currently on display about Hobo culture, train hopping, and boxcar art over the last 150 years. The exhibit will run from January 9 – February 28, 2020 in the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center Gallery at the University of Connecticut. Drawing from the extensive railroad collections at the UConn Archives & Special Collections, this exhibit seeks to present the love of trains from an alternative approach through art, folklore, and travelogue.

The exhibition will feature an opening reception and film showing of Bill Daniel’s Who is Bozo Texino: the epic account of the improbable discovery of the true identity of the world’s greatest boxcar artist. (2005) on Thursday, February 6th, 2020 from 7-9pm.

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About Graham Stinnett

Curator of Human Rights Collections and Alternative Press Collections, Archives & Special Collections at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center, University of Connecticut. Stinnett holds a Master’s degree in Archival Studies from the History Department at the University of Manitoba, where he also earned a Bachelor’s degree in Latin American History. Stinnett's graduate work focused on human rights non-governmental organizations and their importance to archives and the role of archivist as activist. He has published in the Progressive Librarian on the subject. Stinnett has worked in University Archives with human rights collections at UC Boulder, Manitoba and UConn. His involvement with the Manitoba Gay and Lesbian Archives collection project and the LGBTTQ Oral History Initiative, the El Salvador Human Rights Archive at Boulder and the extensive AltPress & Human Rights Archives at UConn have resulted in a multitude of engagement and outreach activities. He also briefly served as the Archivist for the Vancouver Whitecaps Football Club in British Columbia.

4 thoughts on “There & Back Again: A Hobo’s Tale

  1. Is a catalog of this exhibition available? Some of us won’t be able to visit in person, any documentation would be appreciated. Thanks much.

    • Hi Earl – Below is a list of materials used for the exhibition which you are welcome to check out at the archives any time after the exhibition if you find yourself in the Quiet Corner of CT.

      Hobo Times, 1987-1995, Dave Peters Railroad Collection.
      The Snare of the Road, 1916 (B5086).
      New York, New Haven Hartford Railroad Company Boxcar Photographs, 1945.
      Ablutophobia, Fly Zine Collection.
      Squatting New York City, Fly Zine Collection.
      La Vida Secreta de Los Gabachos, Fly Zine Collection.
      Wall Case:
      A Period of Juvenile Prosperity, Mike Brodie, 2012 (D2990).
      Tones of Dirt and Bone, Mike Brodie, 2014 (D2996).
      Riding the Rails, Michael Mathers, 1973 (C13527).
      American Tramp and Underworld Slang, Irwin Godfrey ,1971 (A13842).
      Crimethinc. Do It Yourself Guide 2, Fly Zine Collection.
      Evasion: Travel Crime, 20?? (A13844).
      American Tramp and underworld slang (A13842).
      Bill Daniel’s Mostly True: The West’s Most Popular Hobo Graffiti Magazine, Bill
      Daniel, 2012 (C13549).
      Highway Kind, Justine Kurland, 2016 (D3047).
      Hobo Fires, Robnoxious, 2014 (C13492).
      Freight Train Graffiti, Roger Gastman, 2006 (A13843).
      Stencils, sketches, mural art book and tags, Chris Stain Booklyn Box Set, 2014
      (Folio 188).
      Stickers, God Bless Graffiti Booklyn Box Set, 2018.

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