Louise Menzies: Time to Think Like a Mountain

Louise Menzies, a New Zealand artist, has returned to Archives & Special Collections to explore the extensive holdings in the Alternative Press Collection, with the help of curators Graham Stinnett, Melissa Watterworth Batt, and Kristin Eshelman. Louise Menzies Ms. Menzies’ new exhibition is a “series of new photographic and paper-based works that merge form and content, raising subtle questions about the values inhabiting certain processes and styles, as seen [in] the predominantly activist and underground press material that comprise the collection.” (Professor Barry Rosenberg).  Ms. Menzies will also present a 16mm film from 2013, entitled The Press, Kodak Eastman 5222.

Ms. Menzies gave a gallery talk on Time to Think Like a Mountain on Wednesday, Oct. 8 to an appreciative audience in the Contemporary Art Galleries, Art Building.  The exhibition will run through November 21, 2014,  For more information contact Professor Rosenberg at 860.486.1511.