Start of the Spring Semester

Well, we are into our first full week of classes, the students are back, the weather outside is frightful, and we are working hard at updating the building as fast and as our budgets allow us. We are currently updating our circa 1978 Gunlocke Square Chairs. We have been sending out 20 to 25 of these chairs to the Dept. of Corrections to be reupholstered and the wood refinished. They have been doing a wonderful job. We have done around 70 of these chairs so far and about 120 left to go. As we continue to send out the square chairs we are turning our attention to our study chairs, where about 10% of our 3,097 study chairs need to be be refurbished. We are also starting another round of installing electrical Power Poles through out the library; mainly focusing on level 3. Its always a challenge keeping up with a building of this size and making sure the needs of our patrons are met.