Level 1 – what does it look like?

A bit of a war zone…

Exciting Changes Ahead for the Homer Babbidge Library

Since 1978, the Homer Babbidge Library has served as an intellectual, learning, cultural, creative and social hub for the UConn community. Our unique role on campus comes from both our physical location and our mission to overcome boundaries and serve all disciplines. As UConn continues to look towards its future, we have made a commitment to adapting the space within the brick exterior of the Babbidge Library into a center of innovation, knowledge and University growth and development to further the University’s mission of excellence in research, education, service, and engagement.

Over the last two years we have been planning for major renovations that will span over a five year period starting today.

As of today, Level 1 will be closed to the public until the start of the fall 2017 semester. By then, it will barely be recognizable. More on that later. So where will you find the services currently found on Level 1?

Computer & Printers –
We will be moving the computers, scanners, microform, and husky bucks machines to the Auriemma Reading Room located behind the iDesk on the Plaza level. This will be taking place Monday and Tuesday. You can also find computers in Bookworms Cafe, Level B Microlab, any of the floor lobby computers, and laptops for loan at the iDesk.

Assistive technology will be moved to the Level B lobby.

Staff –
If you are looking for Library staff located on the first floor, please contact them directly or stop at the iDesk for help. Staff in the Q Center and W centers can also be reached directly to make arrangements.

We are also starting construction on the South side of Level 2 to accommodate the new location for the Q and W centers. The floor will not be completely closed to the public but this construction is expected to be disruptive for those studying on that side of the floor.

If you need assistance with something, please contact us via Library Security at 860.486.3099 or via cell at 860.208.6305.

Please check back here for further updates as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

Homer Babbidge 5-Year Plan Construction is Starting!

We are beyond excited to start construction on our 5-year Master Plan. In the works for well over two years, all of the meetings, drawings, budgets, and timelines will be put into action this summer! As exciting as this is, it will also mean disruption to our patrons over the next few months.

As a result, we are re-activating the Babbidge Building Blog to keep you informed on what is happening. Here you will be able to find up-to-date construction information, progress reports, stories about what we are changing and why, and what you can look forward to when you return in the fall.

We also encourage you to keep posted on our social media sites – Twitter & Facebook.

Level A update – Almost Complete

I just got word that the technicians working on the compact shelving on Level A have just finished. That means for the first time in Homer Babbidge history, we have 3 sections of working compact shelving. The refurbished (old) compact shelving has been released and can be used by library staff and patrons. Please note that my students are working furiously to reshelve all of the bottom shelf books that had to be moved due to the refurbishing project. We are about 1/3 of the way through.

One other small detail to note is that the label holders for the stacks are still back ordered. They will be installed as soon as they come in.

Level A Update

Here’s the latest update on the Level A mobile stacks.

1st. The new moveable stacks are almost complete. In fact, we are starting to shelve books on them for the next part of the project. They move effortlessly and they look nice.

2nd. The technicians have started working on our old, existing moveable stacks. They have started to remove the end panels, motors and wiring from the stacks on the left as you enter the stacks from the elevators. This means that the stacks and the material within the stacks on the left side, are now completely inaccessible.level A 4Level A 6level A 7

Babbidge Construction is moving along

Construction on Level 4 and Level A is moving along. Everyday the workers are building out the new spaces making them ready for the start of the Fall semester. The Humanities Institute is really starting to take shape as the workers are renovating the Research Carrels, turning them into offices and new walls are going up in the space. The Level A mobile stacks are starting to take shape as the workers install the new carriages complete with book shelves. The space is really beginning to transform.

Level A 3 Level A 2

Level 1 Printing and Scanning

We are currently having the Level 1 diamond walls patched and painted a new fresh color. With that said the scanners in the middle of the diamond are covered in plastic and out of commission until the paint job is complete. Two of the printers (the color printer and a black and white) have been moved to the table to the right of the diamond and are operational …

Once the painter is finished with the job, all of the printers and scanners will be back up and running.