Open Data in Action – October 26, 2017 at Hartford Public Library

Open Data In Action brings together a wide range of researchers to showcase how their work has benefited from openly and freely accessible data. Presenters from the public, private, and academic sectors will discuss how open data, ranging from historical documents to statistical analyses, is being used to create projects, change policies, or conduct research and highlight the importance open data has on shaping the world around us.

This event will feature a number of open data focused researchers and open data providers and is open to the public.
When: Thursday, October 26, 11:00am-2:00pm

Where: Hartford Public Library, Atrium 500 Main Street, Hartford, CT

Who can participate: Free and open to the public

Cost: Free
Opening Remarks:

Tyler Kleykamp, Chief Data Officer, State of Connecticut



Rachel Leventhal-Weiner, CT Data Collaborative, CT Data Academy

Jennifer Snow, UConn Library, Puerto Rico Citizenship Archives: Government Documents as Open Data

Tina Panik, Avon Public Library, World War II Newsletters from the CTDA

Rebecca Sterns, Korey Stringer Institute, Athlete Sudden Death Registry

Andrew Wolf, UConn Digital Media & Design, Omeka Everywhere

Steve Batt, UConn Library /Connecticut State Data Center, Tableau Public and CT Census Data

Anna Lindemann/Graham Stinnett, UConn/DM&D, & Archives, Teaching Motion
Graphics with Human Rights Archives

Thomas Long, UConn Nursing, Dolan Collection Nursing History Blog

Jason Cory Brunson, UConn Health Center, Modeling Incidence and Severity of Disease using Administrative Healthcare Data

Brett Flodine, GIS Project Leader, City of Hartford Open Data

Stephen Busemeyer, The Hartford Courant, Journalism and the Freedom of Information