Relieving stress with a little drool

Paws-to-Relax, our therapy dog stress relief program is back again for finals. Join us on Level 1 of Homer Babbidge while you study and make sure you tag the #uconnlibrary in your photos!

Monday, May 1

1-2pm – Rosie Lee (Corgi Mix) and Devon
2-3pm – Sophia (Mini Golden Doodle) and Layla
3-4pm – Fenway (Labradoodle) and Jean
4-5pm – Benny (Shih Tzu) and Jeanne

Tuesday, May 2

1-2pm – Meka (Keeshond) and Diane
2-3pm – Dream (Rottweiler) and Lauren
3-4pm – Boo (Golden Retriever) and Octavia
4-5pm – Mia (Shetland Sheepdog) and Terri

Wednesday, May 3

1-2pm – Suzie (German Shepherd) and Gery
2-3pm – Dolly (Golden Retriever) and Julie
3-4pm – Bo (Lab Mix) and Christine
4-5pm – Chase (Golden Retriever) and Michelle

Thursday, May 4

1-2pm – Sebbi (Cocker Spaniel) and Karen
2-3pm – Vinny (English Mastiff) and Michelle
3-4pm – Hunter (Shetland Sheepdog) and Rebecca
4-5pm – Rosie Lee (Corgi Mix) and Devon

Friday, May 5

1-2pm – Spumoni (Great Dane) and Tracey)
2-3pm – Tegan (Welch Springer Spaniel) and Claudia
3-4pm – Bo (Lab Mix) and Christine
4-5pm – Dream (Rottweiler) and Lauren

Times and dogs are subject to change.