Finals never looked so good – Paws to Relax at the Homer Babbidge Library

Get your study on AND a little love from some of our favorite four-legged friends (well, maybe besides Jonathan, Tildy, & Carson.) These doggos and their humans will be camped out on the first floor of Homer Babbidge, Monday – Friday, December 12-16 from 12-5pm to help relieve a little of the end of semester stress. Stop by, hang out, and get (and give) a little love.

Monday December 12
12-1pm – Gracie (Pug)
1-2pm – Willow (Foxhound)
2-3pm – Finn (Labradoodle)
3-4pm – Cassie (Golden Retriever)
4-5pm – Benny (Shih-Tzu)

Tuesday December 13
12-1pm – CC & Jake (Irish Wolfhounds)
1-2pm – Andy (Golden Retriever)
2-3pm – Tegan (Welch Springer Spaniel)
3-4pm – Kammy (Keeshond)
4-5pm – Sawyer (Akita)

Wednesday December 14
12-1pm – Sheena (Hound Mix)
1-2pm – Mica (Retriever Mix)
2-3pm – Finley (Yellow Lab)
3-4pm – Seneca (Yellow Lab)
4-5pm – Wrigley (Newfoundland)

Thursday December 15
12-1pm – Brody (Shetland Sheepdog)
1-2pm – Raena (Rottweiler)
2-3pm – Shadow (Cocker Spaniel)
3-4pm – Cora (Bernese Mountain Dog)
4-5pm – Brody (Shetland Sheepdog)

Friday December 16
1-2pm – Millie (Spaniel Mix)
2-3pm – Summit (English Lab)
3-4pm – Mazzie (Cocker Spaniel)
4-5pm – Tori (Golden Retriever)