Pull out your lint roller because the doggies are coming!!!

It’s that time of year again when you have a love-hate relationship with finals! Finals are hard, but it means Paws to Relax is back in Homer Babbidge and how can you not love that?!?!

Below is both a flyer of the schedule to share with your friends or you can find the straight list. Any changes will be posted inside Homer Babbidge.

Good luck on finals – you’ve got this!

paws to relax schedule

Downloadable pdf

Monday, April 29
12-1 Mica, Retriever Mix
1-2 Fireball, Golden Retriever
2-3 Mica, Retriever Mix
3-4 Hunter, Shetland Sheepdog
4-5 Millie, Spaniel Mix

Tuesday, April 30
12-1 Shadow, Cocker Spaniel
1-2 Ryder, Mini Australian Labradoodle
2-3 Mazzie, Cocker Spaniel
3-4 Gracie, Pug
4-5 Benny, Shih-Tzu

Wednesday, May 1
12-1 Wrigley, Newfoundland
1-2 Andy, Golden Retriever
2-3 Seneca, Yellow Lab
3-4 Finley, Yellow Lab
4-5 Tori, Golden Retriever

Thursday, May 2
12-1 Shelby, Golden Retriever
1-2 Dugan, Australian Shepherd
2-3 Grant, Golden Retriever
3-4 Cora, Bernese Mountain Dog
4-5 Tucker, Golden Retriever

Friday, May 3
12-1 Toby, Golden Retriever
1-2 Sheena, Hound Mix
2-3 Willow, Foxhound