How in the World #5

… do we track where people are moving to and where they are moving from?

The map below is an interesting interactive way to show migration based on IRS Tax data!  Clear the map and choose a county to see where people are coming from and where they are going to.  For more information on the Migration Geography, follow this link provided by the BBC.

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World Cup 2010

The World Cup has an obvious geographical component that educators can use to capture their students enthusiasm.  Below are a few links to some teacher resources (lesson plans, resources, etc…) that may be useful!

These are just a few to get the creative juices flowing, I’m sure you’ll be able to find much more on your own.  With that I leave you with a snazzy video I found from Teacher Planet that can be used in an ESL setting.

How in the World #4

Can Saharan Dust play a role in coral reef and human health?

The below link provided by the USGS will open an overview page on African Dust. The video describes Saharan Dust transport to the Caribbean. A casual observation about locust transport from Africa to the Caribbean is very interesting!

Follow up by reading the USGS resource page at this link.

Map of the Week #8

This “Map of the Week” post was inspired by some maps that were given as a gift. Yes, the best maps are the ones freely given! These maps came to me by a friend at the WV GIS Technical Center a couple years ago.

The best thing about these maps is that they came with a book! The book’s title is “Annual Report of the State Geologist for the Year 1907” The reports included within are:
The maps within outline the report on the Inland Waterway that may have more than a strong connection to the Intracoastal Waterway that was authorized in 1919 by the United States Congress. Below are the maps included with the text that can’t be found at Google Books or The N.J. DEP. As always the maps are available to download from MAGIC’s Flikr account! Click on the sheet title above each map for the corresponding Flikr page.
Additionally, you can view and download the report from the New Jersey Departement of Environmental Protection here. At the previous link you will have access to the Annual Report of the State Geologist for many different years.
If you want to examine current Intracoastal Waterway navigation maps, check out NOAA’s Office of Coast Survey Online Chart Viewer. This link will bring you to a portion of the New Jersey Intracoastal Waterway, while this link will bring you to an index of all the available charts for the Intracoastal Waterway for online viewing.
All this talk get’s me in the mood to go sailing! Maybe I should sign up for some lessons first?

Did You Know? #26

You can view Aerial Photos directly from our photo indices!
Use MAGIC‘s Google Map indices mash-up to search for aerial photos anywhere in Connecticut.

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Years of aerial photos that are available for direct preview are:

Other photo indices are available to preview in Google maps and will soon be enabled for direct photo preview. Also, as an alternative, download Google Earth and preview the indices in conjunction with other KML files from MAGIC’s GIS Data offerings.